When Jesus Comes In Glory As Lord And

When Jesus comes in glory,
As Lord and King of kings,
O what a wondrous story
The blessed Bible brings;
His face will shine like sunlight,
His head be white as snow,
His eyes like flaming firelight,
His feet like brass aglow.

His voice like rushing waters
Will reach with mighty sound
Into the deepest quarters
Of all creation round;
And at this wondrous greeting
The dead in Christ shall rise,
Their Lord and Saviour meeting,
In glory in the skies.

And we who are believing,
And His appearing love,
Shall know we are receiving
His glory from above;
His resurrection power
Will raise us to the place
Where we that wondrous hour
Shall see Him face to face.

O hasten Thine appearing,
Thou Bright and Morning Star!
Lord, may we soon be hearing
The trumpet sound afar;
Thy people are all yearning
To be Thy raptured bride,
And at Thine own returning
Be caught up to Thy side.