When Jesus Comes To Gather All

When Jesus comes to gather all His jewels,
When He shall come, His own and loved to claim,
Then what rejoicing! peace beyond expressing,
For the redeemed who trusted in His name.
The ransomed host shall see their blessed Savior,
They shall behold their master face to face;
And they who once did walk in faith beside Him,
Shall, with rejoicing, rest in His embrace.

What tho’ distressed by direst tribulation;
Look then to Christ, He’ll quiet all your fears!
What tho’ the hours were spent in silent weeping?
His pierced hand shall wipe away all tears!
What tho’ the dark night still be growing darker?
Yet will the shadows every one be gone!
‘Tis but the hour that must precede the glory,
Of that new day of the millennial dawn!

In the effulgence of that perfect daybreak,
When sin and sorrow shall be put to flight,
The heavy clouds that once bedimmed our vision,
Shall be rolled back, and Christ shall stand in sight.
Then Christians, up! be girding on your armor;
Grasp ye the sword, O ever hold it fast;
Christ as your captain, ne’er will let you falter;
After the conflict, peace shall reign at last!