When Jesus Did From Heaven Descend

When Jesus did from heav’n descend,
He came to be the sinners friend;
Was mov’d with pity, love and grace
To save the human fallen race.

It was the kindness of our God,
A precious gift on us bestow’d–
To let us know that Jesus is,
Our life, our way and righteousness.

A doctrine of the greatest worth:
The son of God appear’d on earth,
When he assum’d our flesh and blood
And sacrific’d himself to God.

Was it the Angels great delight?
To view that wond’rous glorious sight:
The son of God in flesh array’d
For which both Kings and Prophets pray’d.

How highly thankful then ought we
To him, our gracious Saviour be?
Who is our life and righteousness,
Our everlasting joy and peace.