When Jesus Died On Calvary When Jesus Di

When Jesus died on Calvary,
When Jesus died it was for me;
I oft-times wonder shall I know
How much I owe, how much I owe?

How much I owe for love divine!
How much I owe that Christ is mine!
But what He die for me, I know,
I cannot tell how much I owe.

My Jesus in Gethsemane
Pass thro’ the direst agony;
‘Twas all for me He suffered so;
How can I tell how much I owe? [Chorus]

When on the cross those cruel nails
Gave me a Christ that never fails,
And from His wounds there came a flow
That saves from sin-how much I owe! [Chorus]

When I shall reach that golden shore,
To dwell with Him forevermore,
Ten million years may come and go,
I cannot tell how much I owe. [Chorus]