When Jesus Left His Rocky Tomb

When Jesus left His rocky tomb,
Appearing to His own;
The Tree of Life burst into bloom,
The sun of glory shone.
In His triumph over death and sin,
That happy Easter day,
Eternal life thro’ Him we win;
The stone is rolled away.

‘Tis Easter, beautiful Easter;
Rejoice! ’tis wonderful Easter;
We greet thee glorious Easter,
Beautiful day of life and joy!

O blessed hearts that hear His voice
Beneath the cypress shade!
That in His changeless love rejoice,
Their souls in Him are stayed.
Precious hope, that looks beyond the grave!
In Jesus we shall meet;
His eye will watch, His arm will save;
We’ll gather at His feet. [Refrain]

When Jesus left His rocky tomb,
That morning, calm and fair;
The living light dispersed the gloom,
And in His joy we share.
In the blessing of these Easter hours,
We sing His saving name;
The buds of spring and love’s sweet flow’rs,
His glory shall proclaim. [Refrain]