When Jesus Lived Upon The Earth

When Jesus lived upon the earth,
And healed the sick and lame;
The mothers took their little cones,
And joyfully then came.
He looked on them and kindly said:
“O let them come to Me,
Forbid them not, for such as these
My Father’s face shall see.”

Our Savior blessed the little ones,
That all the world may know,
He came to save the children too,
Because He loved them so.

Perhaps theses little boys and girls
Were sometimes naughty too;
But Jesus sent them not away,
His love is strong and true.
Although he grieves when we do wrong,
And slight His precious name,
He tries to help us all the more,
And loves us just the same. [Refrain]

When little children come to Him,
He takes them in his arms;
Oh, what a safe and blessed place
To rest from all alarms.
And so we sing with happy hearts,
Our songs of joy and love;
We’ll serve our blessed Savior here,
And dwell with Him above. [Refrain]