When Jesus Taught In Galilee

When Jesus taught in Galilee, so many years ago,
Around him gathered eager crowds of people poor and low;
“This man receiveth sinners,” did the scribes, accusing, say!
Words grandly true when uttered, they are just as true today.

O blessed proclamation! bear it, speed it, ev’rywhere!
O star that shineth brightly thro’ the night of man’s despair!
What would we do without it, bearing all our guilt and shame!?-
“This man receiveth sinners,” blessed be his holy name.

No wonder that I love him, when he saved me from despair;
No wonder I am seeking other souls his grace to share;
O ye that wander far from God, come back, come back, I pray;
“This man receiveth sinners,” you will not be turned away. [Refrain]

Go tell the world about it, dwelling yet in hopeless night;
Have pity! they are dying, vainly groping for the light;
As rain upon the parched ground the words on them will fall,
“This man receiveth sinners,” yes he will receive them all. [Refrain]