When Jesus Taught The Jews Of Old

When Jesus taught the Jews of old
The way of righteousness;
They rose in anger, fierce and bold,
And scorn’d him to his face.

The prince of darkness gets enrag’d
To see the truth succeed–
And all his subjects are engag’d
To join with him their head.

The Gospel truth conveys a dart,
Tho’ Satan should oppose!
And oftimes it does reach the heart
Of those who are its foes.

But those who do not wish to b’lieve,
Will vent and spit their spite–
Much rather than the truth receive
Be blinded with the light.

And thus the case is ever so,
All such who teach the truth:
In all they seek, or say and do,
They feel the serpents tooth.

The soul that is not born of God,
Will never love his ways;
But ever slight the Saviours blood
And all the means of grace.

How awful must their cases be,
Who wilfully refuse:
To scorn the Lord who bought them free,
And did the stubborn Jews.