When Jesus To Jerusalem

When Jesus to Jerusalem
Came on that olden day,
The happy little children thronged
To meet Him on the way.
And o’er the verdant hills
Their sweet young voices rang,
As with the shouting multitude,
Hosannas loud they sang!

“Hosanna!” hear them cry,
“Blessed is the Lord our King.”
Hosanna! Hosanna!
Evermore the children sing.

When Jesus to Jerusalem
In triumph rode that day,
The happy little children strewed
Palm branches in His way.
He smiled as He passed by
And blessed them as thy sang,
Their loud hosannas to His praise
Until the hillsides rang! [Refrain]

To Jesus, as in olden days,
The little ones are dear,
And now as then their lisping praise
Is sweet unto His ear.
The children praise Him still
And hail Him as their King;
While in hosannas loud and clear,
Their childish voices ring! [Refrain]