When Jesus To The Judgment Hall

When Jesus to the judgment hall
By cruel men was led,
He wore a purple robe of scorn,
And thorns upon His head;-
They called Him King, and bowed the knee,
And paid Him homage, mockingly.

“Away! let Him be crucified!”
The impious shouts proclaim;
And forth they led the Son of God
To die a death of shame;
And passing thence amid’ the crowd,
Beneath a ponderous cross He bowed.

Behold Him nailed upon the cross
And left alone to die,
While from the awful scene of death
His timid followers fly;-
In agony He groaned and sighed,
And faint, He bowed the head, and died.

Ah, cruel death for Him to die,
Ah, vilest death of shame,-
Who, to redeem our guilty souls,
From God, in pity came;-
The glory of the Father’s throne
He left, to make our souls His own.

O Jesus, to Thy cross I cling,
For Thou, my Lord, art there,
Who, in Thy love, True Man became,
My load of sin to bear;
And lo, I lift my eyes to heaven,
For God in mercy hath forgiven.

Hymns from the Morningland,