When Jesus Was Baptized By John

When Jesus was baptized by John,
the sky was torn apart.
The Spirit, like a dove, came down
and fell upon his heart.
As he rose from that desert spring,
a voice from heaven cried:
“You are my Son, beloved one,
my chosen one, my pride.”

Thus Jesus heard his call from God
and, gifted with God’s grace,
began to spread the light of love
in every darkened place.
He healed the sick, the blind, and lame;
the broken, contrite heart.
He called for justice for the poor
and all those set apart.

Like Jesus, we have been baptized,
accepted as God’s own,
and in that holy sacrament
our mission was made known.
The Risen Christ lives on in us,
his body here on earth,
and we are instruments of grace
to give God’s love new birth.

Each time we gather at the font,
remember who we are:
a people charged to love and serve
our neighbors near and far;
a people called to be a friend
to all who are in need,
and show that love is just and fair
in every word and deed.