When John In Prison Came

When John in prison came to hear
How great the works of Jesus were,
Sent his Disciples for to know
Their Saviour Christ, and own him too.

When they to Christ enquiring came,
He bid them go to John again
And shew to him where they had been,
And tell the wonders they had seen.

The blind are made to see the light,
The dead to feel his pow’r and might;
The deaf to hear the dumb to talk,
The lepres cleans’d, the lame to walk.

The poor they hear the gospel sound,
Which heals the soul of every wound;
They learn to know the way of peace,
The way to endless happiness.

How happy and how bless’d are they
Who know that Jesus is the way,
They bear the cross and are resign’d
To follow Christ with heart and mind.

Should we not praise the Lord our king?
Who did salvation to us bring,
Who pities men the fallen race,
And came to make them heirs of grace.