When John Though A Man

When John (though a man)
Baptizing began,
Believers in Jordan, confessing their sin.

The Pharisees came,
In Abraham’s name,
For to be baptized, and lay in their claim.

You vipers, said he,
Who warned you to flee?
Bring forth your repentance, that fruits we may see.

And think not indeed,
You’re Abraham’s seed,
And so for my baptism a right have to plead.

By this we may see,
Our baptism to be
For none but believers a privilege free.

From Galilee came,
Christ Jesus by name,
For to be baptized, and was not ashamed.

John to him did say,
Why com’st thou to me,
When I have need to be baptized of thee?

Oh suffer it so,
‘Tis right we should show,
All righteous obedience wherever we go.

The rites were performed,
And Jesus returned.
The Father his blessing sent down on his Son.

The Spirit of God,
Descends like a dove;
And lights on the Savior in tokens of love.

By this we may see
The whole Trinity,
To honor our baptism do jointly agree.

We’ll not be ashamed,
Where Jesus is named;
He’s precious unto us, though sinners blaspheme.

We’ll follow him down,
To the water we’re bound,
Oh sinners, see what an example we’ve found.

The Christian’s duty, exhibited in a series of hymns,