When Judgment Thunders Cloud The Sky

When judgment thunders cloud the sky,
And storms are downward hurled,
The ark of God comes floating by
To save a drowning world.

In the ark, in the ark, there is room for you and me,
And a refuge from the overwhelming flood.
‘Tis the day of grace, Jesus makes salvation free,
And there’s safety in the ark of God.

Upon the billows wide and dark,
By raging tempests tossed,
The Savior throws His precious ark
Wide open for the lost. [Refrain]

I’m lost without, I’m safe within,
To wait I can’t afford;
I enter, and there shuts me in
The love of Christ the Lord. [Refrain]

The bow of promise spans the sea,
The rolling surges cease;
The heav’nly dove brings back to me
The olive branch of peace. [Refrain]