When Lifes Sun Has Gone Down Into Rest

When life’s sun has gone down into rest,
And the grave seems the home of hopes blighted;
What tho’ dark be its shades,
And tho’ silent its glades?
I’ll awake in the land by love lighted.

O what will my new name be there?
When done with this life and its story?
In a white stone so fair, and graven with care,
That name I shall know when in glory.

Well I know it will be a sweet name,
That within the white stone will be written;
For my Savior is mine,
And my counselor divine,
Will reveal it to me when in Heaven. [Refrain]

What a joy will be mine in that day,
When I meet with dear friends loved and gracious,
Who have crossed o’er the tide
Unto Canaan’s fair side,
Where we’ll sing of our Savior so precious. [Refrain]