When Lifes Tempestuous Storms Are Oer

When life’s tempestuous storms are o’er,
How calm he meets the friendly shore
Who lived averse from sin!
Such peace on virtue’s path attends,
That, where the sinner’s pleasure ends,
The Christian’s joys begin.

See smiling patience smooth his brow!
See bending angels downwards bow,
To left his soul on high!
While, eager for the blest abode,
He joins with them to praise the God,
Who taught him how to die.

No sorrow drowns his lifted eyes;
No horror wrests the struggling sighs,
As from the sinner’s breast:
His God, the God of peace and love,
Pours kindly solace from above,
And heals his soul with rest.

Oh grant, my Saviour and my Friend!
Such joys may gild my peaceful end,
So calm my evening close,
While, loosed from every earthly tie,
With steady confidence I fly
To Thee from whom I rose!