When Lifes Trials All Are Oer

When life’s trials all are o’er,
I shall reach the golden shore,
And behold the wonders of that city fair;
Oh, what joy will then be mine
When I see His face divine,
By whose grace alone I find an entrance there.

Oh, what glory, wondrous glory,
My Redeemer’s face to see!
Oh, what glory, wondrous glory,
His to be eternally!

Though I cannot understand
All that God for me hath planned,
Yet I know He ever sendeth what is best;
So I’ll wait and work and pray,
Simply trusting all the way,
Till He calls me home to dwell among the blest. [Refrain]

When I reach that land above,
In the shining realms of love,
And the veil is lifted from my wond’ring eyes,
What so darkly now I see,
Then will be revealed to me,
And with joy I’ll greet each glad and new surprise. [Refrain]

When I cross the swelling tide,
With My Saviour to abide
Where the ransomed host forevermore shall dwell,
Through eternity’s bright days,
In an endless song of praise,
Of His love and mercy I will ever tell. [Refrain]