When Little Samuel Woke

When little Samuel woke,
And heard His Maker’s voice,
At every word He spoke,
How much did he rejoice!
Oh, blessed, happy child! to find
The God of heaven so near and kind.

If God would speak to me,
And say He was my Friend,
How happy I should be!
Oh, how I would attend!
The smallest sin I then would fear,
If God Almighty were so near.

And does He never speak?
Oh, yes, for in His Word
He bids me come to seek
The God that Samuel heard.
And every sin I well may fear,
Since God Almighty is so near.

Like Samuel let us say,
Whene’er we read His Word;
“Speak, Lord, I would obey
The voice that Samuel heard;
And when I in Thy house appear,
Speak, for Thy servant waits to hear.”