When Little Sparrows Flitting By

When little sparrows, flitting by,
Are known to Him who dwells on high,
And noted when they perish;
How great a love do we behold,
Of watchful shepherd to his fold,-
A love to laud and cherish,
A love to laud and cherish.

A gentle shepherd is the Lord,
A mighty sceptre is His word,
His loving eye watch o’er us,
And guide the way before us.

When million heads of myriad hairs,
Are not beneath the heav’nly cares,
And ev’ry hair is number’d;
How great a care must God above
Bestow upon His child of love,-
Upon the soul encumbered,
Upon the soul encumbered. [Refrain]

A little child, tho’ dead from pain,
Was brought to life and health again,
Thro’ a father’s mere believing;
How much the more in Heaven high,
Will Jesus hear our pleading cry,
And spare the heart from grieving,
And spare the heart from grieving. [Refrain]