When Lost In The Darkness Of Guilt And

When lost in the darkness of guilt and despair,
Sore cankered in heart by the sin that was there,
Lo, Jesus then found me, and gave me release,
He lifted me up to the plane of His peace.

I’m sitting with Jesus, oh, wonderful grace!
With Him I am reigning in heavenly place;
I’m filled with His glory, transported above,
Yes, sitting with Jesus in heavenly love.

Led captive by Satan, still deeper in sin,
Enslaved to its scepter so long I had been;
But calling on Jesus, He severed the chain,
Exalted my soul to the throne of His reign. [Refrain]

My conscience polluted in guilty defile,
I feared that upon me no mercy could smile;
But, glory to Jesus, His blood is applied,
Now, sanctified wholly, I sit by His side. [Refrain]

My heart was all sadness in Satan’s control,
A stranger to heaven’s pure love in my soul,
In glory the Savior then shone from above,
Transported my soul to the realm of His love. [Refrain]

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