When Love Is Spelt With Letters

When love is spelt with letters,
It is not hard to spell,
But let us try to write it,
In living deeds as well;
When called to do an errand,
Be sure you don’t demur;
For when you mind your mother,
You’re spelling love to her.

L-O-V-E, That spells love,
Sweetest word in heav’n above;
Sweetest word on earth below.
Let’s keep spelling as we go.

If kind to all your classmates,
Obedi’nt to the rule,
If studious and tho’tful,
You’re spelling love at school;
When teacher says, “Be quiet,”
Be sure you do not stir;
For when we please the teacher,
We’re spelling love to her. [Chorus]

Each little deed of kindness,
That we may strive to do,
Is spelling love for others,
And love for Jesus, too;
I hope, if holy angels
Look on us from above,
In bright and shining letters,
They’ll find us spelling love.” [Chorus]