When Man I See Grows Bold In Sin

When man, I see, grows bold in sin,
My heart may well advise,
That there’s no true religious fear
Of God, before his eyes.
Himself he flatters with deceit,
And thinks himself approved;
Until, at length, he’s sadly forced
To hate the crimes he loved.

The words are mischief and deceit
Which from his mouth proceed;
Wisdom is banished from his heart,
And goodness from his deed.
In bad designs, while on his bed,
He wastes his waking time;
Himself he hardens in his sins,
Nor sticks at any crime.

Thy mercy, Lord, from heaven shines,
And spares the guilty blood;
Thy faithfulness above the clouds,
And makes thy promise good.
Thy justice, like the mounts of God,
Stands firm, and ne’er decreased;
Thy judgments are unfathomed depths,
Thou, Lord, sav’st man and beast.

Second Part

O God, how excellent’s thy grace!
How unconfined it flows!
Therefore, in shadow of thy wings,
Men’s sons their trust repose.
They, with the fatness of thy house,
Shall fully be supplied;
And drink immortal joys, at streams
Which from thy favor glide.

Thou art the fountain of our life,
All richly flows from thee;
We in thy face’s gracious light,
An heavenly light shall see.
The wonders of thy love to them
That know thee, still impart;
And let thy faithfulness extend,
To all, upright in heart.

Let not the foot of haughty foes,
Against me fatal prove;
Nor all the force of wicked hands,
Me, from my hopes, remove.
Lo! there the workers of deceit
Are fallen before our eyes;
Down are they thrust, deprived of power,
For ever more, to rise.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,