When Mans Account To Light Is Brought

When man’s account to light is bro’t,
Each wicked deed, each word and thought;
When in his conscience such appear,
His mind is fill’d with dread and fear.

The soul that is convinc’d of sin,
Will feel a deep distress within;
Finds neither comfort, peace or rest,
But feels a Hell within the breast.

The sins are numberless and great,
Then thousand talents is their weight;
The sinner sinks beneath the load,
In deep distress he cries to God.

Spare me O righteous God, I pray!
Until this dreadful debt I pay;
I will exert what pow’r I have,
Do all I can my soul to save.

But the efforts of human race
Could never merit saving grace:
God laid a better different plan,
To save the fallen race of man.

He sent his own beloved son,
Since none could save but he alone;
His death a full atonement made,
Thereby our awful debt was paid.

And thus redeem’d and thus set free;
How highly thankful should we be:
Like Jesus, willing to forgive
All injuries we may receive.

We can’t expect to be forgiv’n,
Nor yet partake the joys of heav’n;
Unless we act the christian part,
Forgive all men with all our heart.