When Mary Heard An Angel Say

When Mary heard an angel say
that she would have a son,
that God would make her mother of
the long-awaited one,
she questioned that strange promise,
yet trusted and believed,
and, wonder of all wonders,
a child she soon conceived.

When Joseph heard an angel call
him in his dreams at night
to care for Mary and her child,
so precious in God’s sight,
he listened to each bidding,
then trusted and obeyed,
and, wonder of all wonders,
God’s promised one was saved.

When shepherds heard an angel tell
the good news of Christ’s birth,
that peace, through people of good will,
would come to all the earth,
they shook with fear, and trembled,
then to the stable sped,
and wonder of all wonders,
knelt down beside his bed.

God sent these angel messengers
to Mary, blessed one,
and faithful Joseph who would care
for her and for her son;
to ordinary shepherds,
at work out on a hill,
that, wonder of all wonders,
each one might know God’s will.

Oh, God, we long for messengers
to bring us word today
of your great love and plan for us.
Oh, come to us, we pray.
Surprise us now with angels,
and make us all aware
that, wonder of all wonders,
you also may be there.