When Men Pretending To Be Wise

When men, pretending to be wise,
Forsook plain nature’s rule,
Their minds in endless mazes lost,
The man became the fool.

Tho’ nature showed the One supreme,
Fancy soon marred her book;
And for the God that made the world,
His various works mistook.

Sun, moon, and stars, are first adored,
Then man is made divine;
Each people form their guardian god,
And bow before his shrine.

The nations still more stupid grow,
And turn to very stocks;
The learned Egyptian’s god behold,
It is a grazing ox.

Blush, Israel, blush, the chosen seed
Into like madness run;
Israel first saved, then bid to hear
The Lord their God was one.

Their gods above, and gods below,
Let heathen nations frame;
One is our God, and Father, too,
Jehovah is His name.