When Mid The Music Of The Spheres

When ‘mid the music of the spheres
I enter Canaan’s gate,
And all the joy of heav’n appears
Which ransomed ones await;
And when I’ve walked the golden streets,
And heard the angels sing,
That sight most grand to view I’ll crave-
The palace of the King.

O, fair the mansions of the blest,
The silver stream of life,
The gates of gems and glist’ning pearls;
The scenes with beauty rife!
But these are but the radiant glow,
And from God’s presence spring,
The source from whence heavn’s beauties flow-
The palace of the King.

O falt’ring tongue, how canst thou tell
The raptured ecstasy,
That wraps the soul in wond’ring spell
When from the world set free?
Ye cherubim and seraphim,
Your highest praises bring;
And fill with chant and psalm and hymn
The palace of the King.