When Mother Prayed O Precious Hour

When mother prayed! O precious hour
When God would come in mighty power!
O memory sweet! O hallowed place
Where God did shine in mother’s face.

When mother prayed, she found sweet rest!
When mother prayed, her soul was blest!
Her heart and mind on Christ were stayed,
And God was there when mother prayed.

When mother prayed! ah, then I knew
Within my soul that God was true;
I could no longer doubt His love,
But yielded all, born from above. [Refrain]

And though the years may come and go,
This heart of mine can never know
A sweeter time than that blest hour
When Jesus came in saving power. [Refrain]

Though other scenes may be forgot,
While life shall last, this one cannot;
When mother prayed! O peace divine!
My mother’s God today is mine. [Refrain]