When My Days Work Is Ended

When my day’s work is ended,
Oft I view the setting sun,
And I think of the beauties that await
For my vision in glory
When my heav’nly crown is won,
And I pass to my home within that gate.

I shall have stars in my crown over there,
I shall have stars
When my crown there is won,
If I’m faithful to Him,
In my bright diadem,
I shall have stars, glittering stars in my crown.

When the night cometh on and I am weary for a rest,
Thus reminded when lain my armor down;
And in glory eternal,
There upon my Saviour’s breast,
He shall give me a bright and glorious crown. [Refrain]

When I wake in that morning,
And shall mount the glowing skies,
While enraptured behold the saints around;
Those awake changed to immortal,
While the dead in Christ shall rise,
And in glory forever shall be crowned. [Refrain]