When My Heart Is Aching Weary

When my heart is aching, weary,
And when all of life seems dreary,
To the Home across the river then my fancy wings its flight;
There is never sound of weeping,
And no anxious vigil keeping,
Never o’er its walls of jasper falls the shade of sorrow’s night.

Heavn’ly Home across death’s stream,
Of thy glorious beauties oft I dream,
Till I catch a dazzling ray from the gates of day,
From thy pearly gates of day.

There the joy-bells ne’er cease ringing,
There the angel-choirs are singing,
Ev’ry voice attuned to music as they join the heav’nly hymn;
‘Tis the same old blessed story,
“Glory in the highest, glory,
Crown the Saviour with a diadem that can never dim.” [Refrain]

Home beloved, o’er death’s river,
Of which God Himself is Giver,
How I love to read the story of thy peerless beauties o’er;
New the tale, although so olden,
Of the pavements rich and golden,
Of the City bathed in radiance, just on the other shore. [Refrain]

Nevermore shall I be sighing,
And there will be no more dying,
Heaven’s gate is but the entrance to a never-ending life;
There is joy for all our sorrow,
In the blest and longed for morrow,
There my heart will rest in quiet after this world’s empty strife. [Refrain]

O my soul, be patient ever,
And be earnest thine endeavor,
To do work for Christ thy Master as the moments speed away;
In His own time He will call thee
Where no ill can e’er befall thee,
To the City of the faithful just beyond the gates of day. [Refrain]