When My Heart With Its Troubles Is Burde

When my heart with its troubles is burdened,
With the struggles that no one can share;
I bring it, so weary, to Jesus,
And he lifts all the burden and care.

There is someone who knows
All my struggles and woes;
There is someone my burdens to bear;
‘Tis Jesus my Friend,
Who loves to the end,
And he shares all my sorrows and cares.

When my heart in deep anguish is bleeding
With the sorrows that never will cease;
I bring it for comfort to Jesus,
And he gives me his blessing of peace. [Refrain]

When my heart is all broken and wounded,
And I’ve failed in the ceaseless affray;
I bring it for healing to Jesus,
And he takes all the sin-stains away. [Refrain]

When my heart for the dear ones is pining,
And life’s journey seems long till its end;
I bring it so lonely to Jesus,
And in him I find more than a friend. [Refrain]