When My Last Hour Is Close At Hand My La

When my last hour is close at hand,
My last sad journey taken,
Do Thou, Lord Jesus! by me stand,
Let me not be forsaken.
O Lord, my spirit I resign
Into Thy loving hands divine;
‘Tis safe within Thy keeping.

Countless as sands upon the shore,
My sins may then appall me;
Yet, though my conscience vex me sore,
Despair shall not enthrall me:
For as I draw my latest breath,
I’ll think, Lord Christ! upon Thy Death,
And there find consolation.

I shall not in the grave remain,
Since Thou death’s bonds hast severed;
But hope with Thee to rise again,
From fear of death delivered,
For where Thou art, there I shall be.
That I may ever live with Thee:
This is my joy in dying.

And so to Jesus Christ I’ll go,
My longing arms extending;
So fall asleep in slumber deep,
Slumber that knows no ending,
Till Jesus Christ, God’s only Son,
Opens the gates of bliss, leads on
To heaven, to life eternal.