When My Soul Is Bowed Down In Darkness

When my soul is bowed down in the darkness,
With trials, temptation and woe,
When no mortal can comfort or cheer me,
To whom in that hour shall I go?

Jesus will listen to me,
Jesus will listen to me;
When, with burdens breaking, my heart is aching,
Then Jesus will listen to me.

When my friends and my trusted ones leave me,
Then, shrouded in sorrow and fear,
All alone in the midst of earth’s comfort,
I still have a listening ear. [Refrain]

When my heart and my life have grown weary
With failure and trouble and loss,
I may still ask for help and for comfort
From hands that were nail’d to the cross. [Refrain]

When I find that my life’s day is ending,
And shadows of eventide fall,
When I enter the dark, lonely valley,
Ah, then upon whom shall I call? [Refrain]