When My Soul Is Oppressed With The Sorro

When my soul is oppressed with the sorrows of life,
And the thought of the morrow alarms;
With my care-laden heart, then, I flee from the strife,
And I weep out my woes in His arms.

Just to know that He knows, that my Lord understands,
And His look of compassion to see;
Soothes the pain in my heart, is a balm for my wounds,
Bringing comfort and peace unto me.

If my best efforts fail, though my friends may reprove,
When I sigh for their solace and prayers,
It will work for my good, if my Savior I love-
He assures me He knows and He cares. [Refrain]

Though in trial I suffer, He keeps me content,
Sees before me the dangers prepared;
And in mercy His wisdom the flames may have sent,
That my soul greater woe might be spared. [Refrain]

Yes, my failures He knows, and my sighs, and my tears,
And the depth of my bitterest woes;
By the deep consolation He brings for my fears,
I am sure that my dear Savior knows. [Refrain]

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