When My Soul Within Sorrowed With Its Si

When my soul within
Sorrowed with its sin,
Jesus swept the shades away;
Christ, the Lord divine,
Gave his life for mine,
Turned my darkness into day.

Jesus then I know!
His the name below,-
His the name to sing above;
His the joys untold,
His the streets of gold,-
Jesus is the Lord I love.

And when oft oppressed,
Wandering from my rest,
Who was quick to see my grief?
Jesus, from above,
Shed his helpful love,
Came to bring me sweet relief. [Refrain]

Now when every task
Tries the faith I ask,
Who beside me comes to stand?
Jesus, blessed Lord,
Speaks the cheering word,
Takes me by the trembling hand. [Refrain]

And when failing breath
Tells the hour of death,
Who will be my spirit’s stay?
Jesus then will be
Near to welcome me,
At the shining gates of day! [Refrain]