When My Trials Here Are Over

When my trials here are over and I lay my burden down,
And embark upon the waters of death’s sea;
I shall see beyond its billows souls of ransomed saints on high,
Waving palms of victory.

Waving palms of victory,
Singing songs of jubilee;
What a meeting and a greeting,
When my lov’d ones I shall see,
Waving palms of victory.

I shall join the host unnumbered, who around the throne of God
Sing his praises thro’ a glad eternity;
I shall wear a robe of glory and shall sing a song of praise,
Waving palms of victory. [Refrain]

Now by faith I see my loved ones who have passed the swelling tide,
And are praising him, the Lamb of Calvary;
They are happy in his presence, and are looking, now, for me,
Waving palms of victory. [Refrain]

O the glory of that meeting, when the hands shall clasp again,
And from earth and all its sorrows we are free!
We shall dwell with Christ forever in that happy, golden land,
Waving palms of victory. [Refrain]