When My Warfare Is Accomplished

When my warfare is accomplished,
And the march of life is o’er,
When I step within the portals
That my friends have passed before;
When my Saviour bids me welcome
To a home prepared above,
And I know that still he loves me
With an everlasting love.

Anywhere in heaven will be joy enough for me,
Joy enough for me, when my blessed Lord I see;
There among the ransomed ones to shout redemption free,
Anywhere in heaven will be joy enough for me.

When the prophets and the martyrs
Praise Jehovah in their song,
And the angels, with their trumpets,
Join the great and mighty throng;
When the four and twenty elders
At the Saviour’s feet shall fall,
And I listen to their anthem
As they crown him Lord of all. [Refrain]

I have looked, as in a vision,
On the city built of gold,
And its river, gently flowing,
In my dreams I oft behold;
But the fullness of its glory
I can never understand
Till my spirit-eyes are opened,
And I reach the morning land. [Refrain]