When Night Her Sable Curtain Spreads

When night her sable curtain spreads,
And darkness falls on sea and land,
In silent beauty, o’er our heads,
The stars shine grand.

The orb of day his race hath run,
But see what glory comes to view,
As, full of radiance, one by one,
The stars shine true.

Now bright their silver light appears,
And reverent eyes behold the sight;
Hope lights the darkness of our fears-
The stars shine bright.

When on our life the curtain falls,
And fast descends a threatening night,
Then, lest dismay the soul appals,
The stars shine bright.

O great the wisdom, great the power,-
God draws the curtains of the night,
And, in the dark and lonesome hour,
The stars shine bright.

The glory and the truth of God,
His lovingkindness and His care,-
Such is the light He sheds abroad,
His stars shine rare.

Hymns from the East,