When Night Settles Down Oer The Sea

When night settles down o’er the sea,
My spirit is tranquil and free,
And calm is my pillow,
Tho’ rocked on the billow,
For there is my Saviour with me.

The waters of Jordan may roll,
The waters of Jordan may roll,
May roll, may roll,
The Saviour will care for my soul.

To Jordan had Israel come,
Its swollen tide raging with foam,
The Lord went before them,
The waters stood o’er them,
They marches thro’ to Canaan, their home. [Refrain]

The river of death lies before,
And dark is its flood evermore;
In fear stand we shrinking,
But ‘neath its waves sinking,
We rise on the beautiful shore. [Refrain]