When Now With Joy And Singing

Come now with joy and singing,
Loud hallelujahs ringing,
Our grateful tribute bringing
To our almighty Friend;
Off’ring, with purest pleasure,
To him the heart’s full treasure,
Whose love no thought can measure,
Whose praise shall never end.

We sing with exultation,
Lord God of our salvation;
Thou art our sure foundation,
Our Refuge evermore.

When to this Refuge flying,
Turn sinners, helpless, dying,
On Christ alone relying,
No harm can reach them there;
When floods of grief are dashing,
And waves of sorrow plashing,
Light to the soul comes flashing-
God’s smile through dark despair! [Refrain]

In waking or in sleeping,
Bright days, or nights of weeping,
Our souls are in thy keeping
While here we wait below;
In thee alone abiding,
And in thy love confiding,
Safe when thy hand is guiding,
We’ll ever onward go. [Refrain]