When O King Immortal

When, O King Immortal,
Thou didst seek the gloom,
Tasting death in meekness,
Resting in the tomb-
On that dark and woful day,
Hades owned Thy kingly sway.

Victor! now we hail Thee,
Hail Thee Christ our God;
Thou hast burst the barrier
Of Thy dark abode;
On that glad and glorious day,
Hades owned Thy kingly sway.

They who bore the spices
In the early hour,
Heard the salutation
Of the Lord of power,
And His followers, sore and sad,
Found the peace that made them glad.

Hail the King Immortal!
Death by death is slain,
And the weak and fallen
Rise to life again;
On this glad and glorious day
Hades owns the Victor’s sway.

Hymns of the Greek Church,