When Oer The Trodden Paths Of Life

When, o’er the trodden paths of life,
Backwards I turn mine eyes,
What varied scenes, throughout the road,
Awaken my surprise!

Thousands, to whom my natal hour
Imparted vital breath,
Just looked on life, and closed their eyes
In the fast sleep of death.

Thousands, who climbed to manhood’s stage;
Safe through unnumbered snares;
Traveled not far before they sunk
Amidst its thorns and cares.

Followed through every changing stage,
With goodness all my days,
Deny me not a heart to love,
A tongue to speak thy praise.

Then thousand thousand thanks to thee,
My grateful lips shall give;
And, while I make thy grace my trust,
To thee alone I’ll live.

Then thousand thousand thanks to thee,
Echo along the road;
O! may I join those endless songs,
That fill thy blest abode.

A New Selection of Hymns,