When On Earth Is Ended All My Toil And C

When on earth is ended all my toil and care
And in heav’n that glorious morning breaks so fair,
I shall see my blest Redeemer and with Him shall stand,
I shall see and know Him by the nail-prints in His hand.

Oh, that will be joy enough for me,
Oh, that will be joy enough for me
When my Savior’s face I see as He smiles and welcomes me,
Oh, what rejoicing for me that will be.

Oh, what joy to see my Savior face to face,
How my heart will praise Him for His love and grace,
When I view the glory of His kindly beaming eye,
As He bids me welcome to His home beyond the sky. [Refrain]

Joy at last up yonder singing round the throne,
Worshiping together in our Father’s home;
There, with lov’d ones gone before, we’ll join the ransom’d throng,
Crown’d triumphant in His love we’ll sing the glad new song. [Refrain]