When On Earths Dark

When, on earth’s dark and stormy shore,
Wild billows beat, and tempests roar,
‘Tis sweet to lift our thoughts above,
To realms of peace, of light and love,
Away in Heav’n, away in Heav’n.

When trials come, and pleasures go,
When hearts are crushed, and hot tears flow,
How precious then the hour of prayer,
The rest of faith, that all may share,
And hope of Heav’n, and hope of Heav’n.

When heavy burdens press the soul,
And all the surges o’er us roll,
Amid our sorrow light appears;
Faith bids the mourner dry his tears,
And look to Heav’n, and look to Heav’n.

At last, when heart and flesh shall fail,
And we must pass the shadowy vale,
Oh, then, blest Savior, be our stay,
And bring us to eternal day,
The day of Heav’n, the day of Heav’n.