When On The Cross The Savior Hung

When on the cross the Savior hung,
And that sore load that on Him weighed
With bitter pangs His nature wrung,
Seven words amid His pain He said:
O let them well to heart be laid!

“Father, forgive these men,” He spake,
“For lo! they know not what they do;
Nor of my sufferings vengeance take!”
And when we sin in weakness, too,
For us, dear Lord, this prayer renew!

He thought upon the thief, and said,–
“Thou shalt behold my Paradise
With me, ere yet this day be fled.”
Lord, see us too with pitying eyes,
And raise us from our miseries!

His mother stood beside Him there;
“Behold thy son! And let her find
A son, O John, in thy true care.”
Lord, care for those we leave behind,
Nor let the world prove all unkind!

Once more He saith:–“I thirst, I thirst!”
O Prince of Life! that we might be
Rescued from death, Thou dar’st the worst.
So dost Thou long to set us free;
Not fruitless be that thirst in Thee!

Again, “My God, My God,” He cried,
“Ah why dost Thou forsake me thus?”
Thou art forsaken at this tide,
To win acceptance, Lord, for us;
O comfort deep and marvelous!

He saith–“Lo! it is finished now!”
Savior, thy perfect work is done!
O make us faithful, Lord, as Thou,
No trial and no cross to shun,
Till all Thou lay’st on us be done.

At last,–“My Father, to Thine hands
My parting soul I now commend.”
Lord, when my spirit trembling stands
Upon life’s verge, this cry I send
To Thee, and with Thy words I end.

Whoso shall ponder oft these words
When long-past sins his soul alarm,
Shall find the hope Thy cross accords,
And in Thy grace a healing balm
That brings the wounded conscience calm.

Lord Jesus Christ, who diedst for us,
This one thing grant us evermore;
To ponder o’er Thy passion thus,
Till truer, deeper than before,
We learn to love Thee and adore!