When Our Loved Ones We Greet

When our loved ones we greet,
In the homes where we meet,
And a foretaste of Heaven enjoy,
Then the goodbyes of earth
Put an end to our mirth,
And our circle of loved ones destroy.

But when earth’s goodbyes are all spoken,
And we’re gathered around the white throne,
Our circle will then be unbroken,
For there no goodbyes are known.

Like the last rays of light,
All our joy takes its flight,
When with goodbyes our loved ones remove;
But how cheering that day
In the near “far away,”
When the ransomed will all meet above. [Refrain]

To the friendless on earth
Give some joy in their dearth,
Bid them share in the pleasures of home,
Till they’ve treasures on high,
Where we’ll meet by and by,
In that lasting reunion to come. [Refrain]