When Our Ships Have Crossed The Ocean

When our ships have crossed the ocean,
and been all around the world,
When they safely gain the haven,
and their sails again are furled;
We rejoice to see them enter,
and to know the anchor’s cast,
Raising joyful shouts of welcome,
for our ships are home are last.

Oh what singing, oh what shouting,
When our ships come sailing home!
They have stood the mighty tempests,
they have crossed the ocean’s foam;
They have passed o’er stormy billows,
but they now have gained the shore;
The anchor’s cast, they’re home at last,
the voyage is safely o’er.

But if there is such rejoicing
to see vessels here get home,
When we know in a little
while these ships again will roam-
Oh, what must it be in heaven
when a soul comes sailing in
To go out no more for ever
sailing on the sea of sin? [Refrain]

Oh, me-thinks I hear the angels shout,
“Here comes an earthly bark,
She has found her way to heaven,
though the way was rough and dark;
But she had a star to guide her
called the Night and Morning Star-
It has guided millions over
from that distant land afar.” [Refrain]

So with Jesus as our Captain
we expect to gain that shore;
We expect to cast our anchor there,
and stay for evermore:
And we know the angels will be there
to greet us when we come,
They will join in songs of rapture,
“Welcome come, oh, welcome home!” [Refrain]