When Our Vessel Is Rocked On The Ocean O

When our vessel is rocked on the ocean of life,
And our hearts have grown weary of toiling and strife,
Oh, how welcome the voice that like music we hear,
As it tenderly whispers the words in our ear.

Look aloft! there’s a star in the sky,
Keeping watch o’er the waves, when the storm is nigh;
‘Tis the bright star of faith, and its beams ever blest
Will conduct the frail bark to the haven of rest.

As we drift on the billow, far, far from the shore,
How we tremble with fear at the wild breakers’ roar;
But the voice still assures us they cannot o’erwhelm,
For the hand of our Saviour is guiding the helm. [Refrain]

Look aloft! look aloft! o’er the dark ocean’s foam,
Look aloft! look aloft to the mariners’ home,
Where the roll of the surges forever shall cease,
Where the loved and the loving shall gather in peace. [Refrain]