When Our Voyage Of Life Is Ended

When our voyage of life is ended,
And its many storms are past,
When our barque is safely anchored,
And her sails are furled at last,

What a chorus of rejoicing,
What a welcome there will be,
When we meet beyond the shadows,
And each other’s face we see.

Oh, that morning blessed morning,
When we gather on the shore,
Where the sunlight breaks in splendor,
And our cares and tears are o’er, [Refrain]

When we meet beyond the shadows,
In our Father’s home above,
And repeat the wondrous story
Of our Savior’s precious blood, [Refrain]

Oh, the time is past approaching,
When that rapture will be ours,
When our souls shall dwell forever,
‘Mid the bloom of Eden’s bow’rs. [Refrain]