When Out In The Conflict For Jesus My Lo

When out in the conflict for Jesus my Lord,
No foe could compel me to flee;
I knew I would conquer while trusting his word,
For he was so precious to me.

O glory to God, my soul is aflame,
I’m happy, exultant and free,
For Jesus is precious, O praise his dear name,
Unspeakable precious to me.

When wearied and burden’d with trial and care,
And sorrows I could not foresee;
I always found comfort from Jesus in prayer,
For he was so precious to me. [Refrain]

And now I have finished the duties he gave,
The end of my labors I see;
I fear not the power of death or the grave,
For he is so precious to me. [Refrain]

The Saviour is calling, I’ll soon reach my home,
And there in his image I’ll be;
And thro’ all the ages I know he’ll become
Increasingly precious to me. [Refrain]