When Peter Boasted Soon He Fell

When Peter boasted, soon he fell,
Yet was by grace restored;
His case should be regarded well
By all who fear the Lord.

A voice it has, and helping hand,
Backsliders to recall;
And cautions those who think they stand,
Lest suddenly they fall.

He said whatever others do,
With Jesus I’ll abide;
Yet soon amidst a murderous crew
His suffering Lord denied.

He who had been so bold before,
Now trembled like a leaf;
Not only lied but cursed and swore,
To gain the more belief.

While he blasphemed he heard the cock,
And Jesus looked in love;
At once, as if by lightning struck,
His tongue forbore to move,

Delivered thus from Satan’s snare,
He starts, as from a sleep;
His Savior’s look he could not bear,
But hasted forth to weep.

But sure the frightful cock had crowed
An hundred times in vain,
Had not the Lord that look bestowed,
The meaning to explain.

As I like Peter vows had made,
Yet acted Peter’s part;
So conscience, like the cock upbraids
My base ungrateful heart.

Lord Jesus, hear a sinner’s cry,
My broken peace renew;
And grant one pitying look, that I
May weep with Peter too.

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